Live Party FAQs

What geographical areas to you cover?

I am based in Worcester County, server Metro areas within 75 miles of Worcester, with a 2 hour minimum within Central Mass, and a 3 hour minimum plus a competitive travel charge for events in Boston, Springfield, Providence, Hartford and Nashua, NH.  My motto is: “Have pen, will travel!”  I will consider events in SW Florida seasonally (Dec-Mar). Please contact me with your event details for a custom quote.

What medium do you draw in?

My LIVE caricatures are drawn with permanent black marker, then colored with Art Stix(r) colored pencils, on 11″x14″ art paper.  Note: My Studio Caricatures and sport/hobby caricatures at fairs & festivals are typically colored with paint & markers.  The difference at parties is for speed reasons.  Please read my FAQs for Studio Caricatures for details about those.

What kind of events are good for LIVE caricatures?

Whether it’s a private, corporate or collegiate event, any time people gather for fun is a good time for Party Time Caricatures!

How many caricatures can you draw?

The most practical type of caricature at parties is the “face only” (head and shoulders) caricature.  I can draw approx. 8-10 people per hour, in color.  Speeds cannot be guaranteed, and depend on factors such as flow & nature of the crowd.

Do you provide frames?

I don’t offer frames, but I do include clear sleeves for all drawings, like most party caricaturists. I also offer an optional “extra” of my “Art Protectors”, which are the same clear sleeves, but with a ridged cardboard backer for extra protection from both liquid & accidental crinkles.

What type of space do you need to set up?

I use a tabletop easel which requires a 2’x2′ area on a small table and 2-3 chairs.  It should be in a well lit area, away from speakers, so I can converse with your guests.  It’s best to have a little space behind me, as people will gather to watch the drawings come to life, it’s a big part of the fun!

Do you offer any options to make my event more memorable?

Two very popular, optional extras are Pre-Printed Paper & Sign-In Boards.  They both need to be ordered when you book your party (about 30 days ahead). Check out the links above or contact me for more information.

I want to book you for your event! What do I do now?

You can email me at or complete the Party Inquiry Form.  I will check on availability, give you a quote & take a deposit to hold your date.

Studio Caricature FAQs

What medium do you use for studio caricatures?

My studio caricatures are traditional “un-plugged” caricatures (NOT digital), hand drawn on 11×14 card stock. Unlike my LIVE party caricatures, my studio caricatures are colored with bright paint & markers.

What can I do with a studio caricature?

My studio caricatures are used mostly for gift caricatures! They make a unique, personalized gift that’s truly one-of-a-kind! If it’s for a “guest of honor” event, such as a graduation, wedding, retirement or milestone birthday you can enhance the presentation by mounting the drawing in a signature mat & frame.  The signing mat & frame is a DIY set up, that I do not provide unless I’m drawing at your event and providing a studio caricature.  I’m happy to provide tips and info about this DIY method. Click the “Can you tell me more about DIY signing mats & frames?”  below in my FAQs.

Can you tell me more about the DIY signing mats & frames?

Sure, there are signing mats available to fit my 11×14 art paper, they can be found at Michaels and AC Moore stores. The mat size is 11×14 inside & 16”x20” outside. You can mount it in the 16”x20” Frame of your choice. The most economical (for less formal events) is a 16”x20” poster frame, also found at Michaels and AC Moore. Ask me If you need more information about these. Signing mats & frames are a DIY set up, that I do not provide unless I’m drawing at your event.

COMBO DEAL: Have me do BOTH, draw at your event AND draw a studio caricature with a signing mat & frame, I’ll give you my special COMBO DEAL discount on both, your party entertainment and the studio caricature!

How can I order a studio caricature?

There’s no order form. Email works best. Send me an email to Sending/receiving reference photos, details and preliminary sketches can be done via email. My face only (head & shoulders caricatures are #30 per person. My sport/hobby caricatures are $50 per person. Pricing include simple props & attire, but not complex backgrounds, vehicles or pets.

Check out my face only, sport/hobby samples. If you don’t see the situation you’d like, contact me. We can create something new to suit your needs. After I give you a quote, I’ll have you send payment and email a few photos of your subject(s) with some specifics about them, hair & eye color, descriptive details, like freckles, glasses, etc.. Next, I’ll email some preliminary sketches for approval. I’ll add color, seal it in an art protector & ship it via USPS Priority Mail.

What kind of photos do you need?

Usually 2 or 3 good quality photos will do. Good quality means not far away and not blurry or Poorly lit. ¾ or partial angles are better to show nose & head shapes are best, but a good straight on view is OK. Send them attached individually to:

How long will it take?

My normal turnaround time is 2 weeks. If you need it sooner, let me know. I will take rush orders, only if scheduling & shipping time allows.  If I’m providing a Signing Mat (by special order) will add 7-10 days for to normal turnaround I will give you a separate pricing quote and estimated delivery time.